“The best! Richard has been my family's attorney for 35 years. Integrity best describes Richard Hayes. ”

— John Grafa

“He is above reproach!”

— Gary Claytor

“R. Hayes has represented me and my firm on a number of issues. He is knowledgable and follows up until there is an acceptable conclusion. I highly recommend him.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“I recommend Mr. Hayes for clients that want an attorney that reaches his objectives and communicates with them. He is professional, ethical and knowledgeable. He is successful in obtaining the goals that are set forth in various cases. He communicates clearly and often with his clients, keeping them well informed of the progress of their case. He is respected in the legal community, is well connected professionally and also respected as a person outside of his professional career. Richard has volunteered thousands of hours to young people in the Scouting organization as well as teaching leadership skills to High school students. He is passionate about the law and is active politically. He has received many awards for his excellence in contributing to his profession as well as local, State and National organizations. I would recommend him highly. Mr. Hayes has helped us with various legal issues for over 30 years.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“I so appreciate that he is involved in important community events like Scouting and being an elections monitor. He is above reproach!”

— Jane Torrie

“Richard D. Hayes is the best attorney and one of the best persons I have ever known. He is extremely professional and personal, with clients, adversaries, and third parties. He is brilliant, knowledgeable in nearly all aspects of law: an expert litigator, an experienced business lawyer, a careful draftsman, an organizer and a well-respected leader. He is ALWAYS perfectly prepared. He is purposely stern, compassionate and fair. In his personal life, Richard is a giver. He is devoted to his very large family, has always plenty of time and concern for his friends, is a constant supporter of his church, and is an indefatigable resource for his community. Richard Hayes is a credit to his family, friends, faith, community and nation.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Helped me get a fair price for my land.”

— Avvo.com

“I highly recommend Byron!”

— Del Angel

“Very knowledgeable and helpful”

— Lawyers.com

“Both Byron and Jackie did a great job. Made us feel comfortable and answered our concerns about our bankruptcy. The process went smoothly and fast great choice. ”

— Jim - AVVO

“From my first meeting Mr. Berry and his staff, I was immediately relieved. The bankruptcy process was explained to me simply and objectively and I was made to feel at ease through the entire ordeal. I was especially impressed by his helpful and knowledgeable assistant, Jackie Cox.. I would hope to be able to retain Byron Berry for any future needs.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Byron Berry was succinct, professional, and patient in the initial consultation. His legal expertise seemed unsurpassed. He spoke in plain language and answered all questions. The personnel in the office were always helpful and pleasant. Byron's legal assistant Jackie was absolutely fabulous. The circumstances of a bankruptcy can be very confusing and depressing. Byron and Jackie were there for me throughout the entire process to help guide me along and facilitate this arduous process. I would highly recommend this firm. Thank for for all and your continued help.”

“Don White's Real Estate Certification and his Service as the Greater Denton/Wise County Association of REALTORS Attorney, puts Don at the top of the list!!”

— Rebecca Arnold

“Don is great!! And he volunteers his time for the Greater Denton/Wise County Association of REALTORS!! Such wise Counsel.”

— Rebecca Arnold

“Don is top notch! Loyal client here!!!”

— Lee Cofran Shanklin

“I truly enjoy working with Don White. He is quick to respond to my requests and goes above and beyond. He is so patient with me and helps answer all of my questions about starting a new business which I'm so grateful for. I highly recommend working with him as your business attorney.”

— Bailey Heard

“I have used Hayes, Berry, White, and Vanzant over the past 25 years. Over the past year I have used them on two separate business transactions.

Working with Don White both times he was most helpful in protecting my interests, very business knowledgeable as it relates to leases and purchase agreements, expedient in preparing documents, and reasonable with fees charged.

It is my opinion and that of many others that this the best law firm in Denton County.”

— SD Pyeatt

“Don has been invaluable to me personally as well as my business. The business contracts and real estate contract issues that Don has reviewed for me to verify that the contracts are in compliance with all the current laws that pertain to me situation. It sure helps you sleep at night to know you have done things right. Thanks”

— Jeff Gutknecht

“Mr. White was able to respond to a possible breach of contract issue on the same day that I contacted him, and his actions were enough to make the buyer "reconsider". I would not hesitate to use his services again, even though others thought I was wasting my time. Best money I ever spent.”

— Daniel Ekleberry

“I've been working with Don White over ten years. He's very knowledgeable in real estate law, oil and gas, and last will and testament documentation. I highly recommend him and his firm.”

— Tresa Harting

“Don White represented me in a legal matter and I found him to be extremely professional, competent and to the point. He did extensive research and was prepared in every way. Throughout the process Don was very conservative with expenses and I always knew that he had our best interest at heart. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing any legal conflict, for us his is the calm in the storm. I would go to him anytime I faced a legal matter in the future. He is the best.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Mr. White is the most competent, professional, honest attorney I've ever met. He far exceeded my expectations. His reputation is stellar, he is well known and respected at the Denton County Courthouse in Denton, TX. He gave my case 100 percent of his time and effort, and took my problems seriously. I was rewarded with a reasonable outcome to that I could live with and avoided a trial with mediation. Mr. White is responsive, patient, returns phone calls, communicates effectively. Highly recommend!”

— Lawyers.com

“Don White has done a tremendous job for our business and I will recommend him to everyone!”

— Tara Gleason

“I very highly recommend Don White based on several matters which he has handled for me including one challenging lawsuit involving my rental property. Consistently, Mr. White is responsive, professional, timely, pragmatic, and thorough in working with his clients. His expertise --the breadth and depth of his knowledge--in real estate law and practical experience is extremely impressive. Turning real estate legal matters over to him is always a relief, and you will be well compensated for his fees by his safeguarding of your liabilities and interests. I look forward to working with him in the future. My opinion is purely professional; I have no social relationship or interactions with Don White.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Through the years I have used Don White to address a variety of real estate issues. Tenant/Landlord situations, real estate documents of any kind including some that are one of a kind and unusual, the sale of businesses, the sale of real estate, employment contracts, as well as general questions concerning my businesses. In each instance he is very quick to respond and does not delay; rather he expedites whatever is needed from the beginning. Don has been the association attorney for the Greater Denton/Wise County Association of Realtors for a number of years and as past president and BOD member I can attest that Don White has been invaluable in assisting the association with many of their needs as well. I have always had a very positive experience with Don in the many times I have asked for his help and expertise. I strongly recommend him.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Don was a blessing to our family. He was upfront, direct, honest, confident, respectful, intelligent, prompt and extremely hard-working. Don seemed to understand every aspect of the law. He took the time to study and learn particular details regarding our situation that proved to be extremely helpful in our case. He was adament about doing what was best for our family, and we felt reassured that following his lead would only be to our advantage. He was not interested in drawing our case out to "pad his pocket," but simply to draw conclusion to our case as quickly as possible and with the best possible results. He legal team was pleasant, hard-working and interested in answering questions...all in an effort to ease our minds moving forward. I would recommend Don and his team to family, friends and anyone in need of nearly any legal services.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Don White is awesome! He is thorough, wise, caring, and has an awesome sense of humor! Thanks Don for all your continued help!!!”

— Brad McKissack

“Don White equals greatness! He's not just our attorney but a dear friend!”

— Donna Abercrombie McClendon

“After a few encounters with unsatisfactory lawyers in Denton County, I was so fortunate to finally find Don White, Jr.. My civil case was unusual, but Don was not put off and represented me in a most professional manner. He took my case seriously and understood the importance of how it impacted my life. Don devoted a huge amount of time, attention and detail to my case. No stone was left unturned during discovery. My defense was prepared to the highest standards, and I was kept informed. Don is highly competent and respected in the court system, his confidence always made me feel better. Don will give you the factual picture regarding the pros and cons of your case, he is honest, and I trusted his judgement. As a result, my case had a great outcome and I was happy with the result. If you want a sharp, aggressive lawyer that has integrity, Don White, Jr. is your man.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Our association has worked with Don White for many years. During this time, he has always been very professional, thorough, and quick to respond.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“After experiencing a few lemons in Denton County, TX, I was fortunate enough to find Don White, Jr. to represent me in my unusual case. Mr. White is the most competent, professional, honest attorney I've ever met. He far exceeded my expectations. His reputation is stellar, he is well known and respected at the Denton County Courthouse in Denton, TX. He gave my case 100 percent of his time and effort, and took my problems seriously-- under the craziest of circumstances. I was rewarded with a reasonable outcome that I could live with and avoided a trial with mediation. Mr. White is responsive, patient, returns phone calls, communicates effectively, and will aggressively pursue your case. He is not afraid to stand up to the opposing lawyer, if need be. I felt confident I was in the best of hands, and trusted Mr. White and his advice. I will always call Don White, Jr. for my future legal needs. I consider him my lawyer and my friend.”

— Review on Avvo.com

“Don White and all at HBWV - great law firm, very knowledgeable in wide variety of areas of the law.”

— Chris Rosprim

“Our city uses Lance for all municipal issues.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Lance handled my case with attention to detail. He communicated with me in regards to the process and what to expect as it moved through the court system. His knowledge of the law and wanting to understand my side, showed me that he takes the responsibility of representing his clients very seriously. If I ever need an attorney again, Lance will be my first and only call.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Great help to my family in the past. A very caring guy!”

— Karyl Smith

“Lance's knowledge and support is extremely important to our organization on a daily basis. The most important assests of his legal service is his ability to assist us quickly and provide us with the direction we need.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“I have used the attorney services of Lance Vanzant on personal matters and routinely visit with him in reference to professional matters. I have found Mr. Vanzant to be very knowledgeable in matters of law and very professional and courteous in my contacts with him. He has provided his attorney services and guidance in a very effective manner and has been very responsive to my legal issues. I would recommend Lance Vanzant of the law firm Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP to family and friends. I have personally found Mr. Vanzant to be very efficient in handling matters of law for me personally and professionally.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“NRP hired Lance to undertake local politics, entitlements and platting. He and his assistant Adriana did a stellar job of navigating the challenges, daily changes and redirects and unpredictability of gaining approvals for our Multifamily project”

“My story is probably fairly similar to a lot of individuals that have gone through divorces. There was nothing extreme, but there were things that became difficult at times. Being that this was a divorce of a marriage of 12 years, there were emotions and feeling very much wrapped up in the conversations had by my ex and I. There are a few things I would like to say about Brian Tackett and how he acted as my lawyer during this time.

1) Top notch professionalism: Brian at all times during the year-long divorce was doing what a lawyer should do, and more, for his client. He gave me solid advice and helped guide me, not just legally, but emotionally during the situation. He made sure that I kept a cool head in times where the heat was turned up by my ex, and he recommended several ways to reach agreements that would ultimately get me where I needed to be during the divorce decree. Basically, Brian did exactly what I hired him to do, represent me, and he did without fail in a very earnest and professional way.

2) Great job: Brian not only was professional, but he was plain good at what he did. I’ve never needed a lawyer before, so I didn’t know what to expect during this process, but I’m sure I lucked out finding Brian. Brian took care of pretty much everything. He knows most of the lawyers in the area, so when he heard my wife’s lawyer’s name, he knew her, and acted accordingly for my benefit within the parameters of their relationship. This was a tool that he was able to use, among others, during the process. He knew what to write up, where to write it, how to word it, and prepped me for all possible rebuttals that may come once my side of the decree had been submitted. This was extremely helpful. Furthermore, he was able to get most everything that I needed or wanted. He was always able to change anything I needed changed and readily adapted to my thoughts and feelings about particular areas of the divorce proceedings. Also, I have emailed and spoken with Brian several times after the divorce was over, asking him various questions, and he has always promptly responded and helped, all without any expectation of payment for his services or advice. He is freaking smart and great at his job!

3) Friendly: Brian is a very likable guy. He doesn’t make you feel like you are being interviewed for a job when speaking with you. He’s laid back, calm, polite, and he laughs and smiles a lot, which can be very disarming (a very needed at times) when my stress level was at a level 10. Having him representing himself as someone that actually cares about what I’m going through just made the process much more bearable. When someone needs a lawyer, finding someone that is not just well versed at their job, but also cares about their job and clients, well, it’s an area of being a lawyer that I’m not quite sure a lot of lawyers can honestly say they are able to work within. Brian nails it.

4) Cost: I can’t necessarily speak to knowing what is a good price for a lawyer, but what I can say is that I walked away after everything was said and done feeling like I got one hell of a deal on Brian’s services. Not only that, but Brian knew my financial situation and worked with me as much as necessary in order to make it easier for me. The great thing was that cutting my bill didn’t cut his services, and that is something I couldn’t be more grateful for.

In closing, I will say this. There are numerous options for lawyers for pretty much anything that you are going through. My experience was with divorce, and my lawyer was Brian Tackett. I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer to represent me and if you are looking for someone to be on your side, give some consideration to Brian. I guarantee you that you will not be sorry for that choice, and with as many lawyers out there saying how great they are, but you can’t really know for sure, choosing Brian will be a peace of mind that is worth more than you probably know right now as you read this.

Thank you Brian!”

— Former client

“I've been a client of his for many years, outstanding man and very professional I recommend him to anyone”

— Jordan Dillon

“Brian was very professional, fair, and honest.”

— Trinh Nguyen

“His professional demeanor and vast knowledge and experience in family law combined with his sincere concern for our feelings made Brian Tackett an excellent attorney for us. He handled our temporary custody, protective orders and final custody issues. We were fighting to gain custody of our grandson. During our process, Brian kept us informed along the way, worked quickly when time was an issue, listened to our wishes but kept us grounded with realistic expectations. His thought provoking questions helped us decide what we wanted to do and he helped us prepare for the possible consequences. Brian worked hard and won the case for us. We have consulted with him for additional items and receive the same excellent results. Great communication, easy to reach, personable, intelligent, fairly priced and has great support staff are just some of the positives of dealing with Brian. No negatives. I HIGHLY recommend Brian Tackett for family law matters. ”

— Avvo.com

“I used Mr. Tackett as my divorce attorney and I was more than pleased. He was very professional, always returned my calls and emails and always made sure I fully understood what was going on with my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Tackett to anyone in need of a Family Law Attorney.”

— Avvo.com

“Brian is an outstanding attorney. He is smart and down to earth. He gets the job done. I got accessed for assault on a family member by my fixing to be ex-wife. She did this trying to get me to loose my job and take my peace officer license. Thank God for a good attorney like Brian Tackett and his attention to detail he had the truth come out and I got acquitted of the charges. He is now helping me with the divorce and to get re-instated.”

— Avvo.com

“Brian was so very thorough in all aspects of my case. My divorce was a scary and stressful time for me and I always felt completely taken care of by Brian and his paralegal. Of course I don't hope for legal issues in the future, but I know without a doubt, Brian Tackett is the only lawyer I'll use. ”

— Avvo.com

“Brian is not only my attorney, but has become a good friend. I have put all my trust in him and he has never let me down. He has become my family's lawyer as well, and is an excellent attorney.”

— Avvo.com

“We just wanted to quickly compliment Trey on all the fantastic and hard work he has accomplished with our case. Trey has been our guardian angel throughout a process that fell under very unfamiliar territory for us. We felt comfortable with the case he developed and appreciated the multitude of advice he provided. He demonstrated confidence in the strength of our case, which put us at a cautionary ease as we approached our court date. The day of trial he prepared us sufficiently and handled the case perfectly. We couldn't have asked for anyone better to have on our side!”

— Former Client

“Highly respect William Scazzero, for his professionalism, concern and advise that he gave to our "Homeowners Association", when we had a problem with one of our residents. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding attorney. We have him on retainer, for advise and future problems we might have.”

— Lawyers.com

“Jeff was assigned to takeover my case after my original attorney passed away. Thus he had to try to understand a very complex situation that was over 5 years. His diligent effort and strategy proved to be successful in being able to negotiate a very good settlement. I would recommend Jeff to anyone that is looking for a hard working, smart attorney. ”

— John

“I dropped in on Mr White and Mr Sargent after a referral (appointments are more professional) but they both took time to listen to my concerns and lay out my options. I retained Mr Sargent and he was clear, and accessible to me throughout my time of legal need. He is knowledgeable and has a no nonsense approach that appears to be well respected by other attorneys who have to cross legal paths with Mr Sargent. I would recommend him as well as this firm.”

— Michelle Gipson

“Mr. Hines has been a phenomenal help to me and my business. My contract dispute case was incredibly complex and time consuming to unravel. Most attorneys I presented the problem to lost interest very quickly, which I assume was due to the time it would take to fully understand the situation, much less litigate it. Mr. Hines did not hesitate and aggressively went through each and every issue with me in person. In my profession I deal with attorneys on a regular basis, and I typically tell clients that attorneys not returning calls or being able to see you is standard practice and nothing personal. To my amazement, Mr. Hines has been available nearly every time I have tried to contact him, and when he was not he promptly called back. In addition to this he frequently exchanged e-mails with me to keep me updated on the situation. Lawyers I have had in the past would bill by the hour as expected, but would be very limited as to the detail about the charges. Mr. Hines bills would have great detail about what each and every hour was spent doing, and even separated charges for paralegals etc. Obviously I highly recommend Mr. Hines if you have any business legal problems, and while I have not experienced his expertise in other legal matters, I am confident that his talents could easily extend to many different aspects of law.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“Mr. Hines is a very devoted person when it comes to your case, he will sit through with you and explain in detail about what's going on and how he can and will help you get through it. He stays up to date with you and I would recommend him for all the advice and help that he offers in his expertise.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“We hired Mr. Little to assist us in guardianship of our two young grandchildren. They had been in our care for several months and we wanted additional protection so we could add them to our insurance and take care of their needs legally going forward. Mr. Little was very kind and listened to my concerns and needs and guided us to the best resolution for us, the grandchildren and their parents. It was all handled in a very timely manner. If we have future needs we will be reaching out to Mr. Little. We appreciate everything he has done for our family.”


“Thomas handled my divorce and did a superb job. He was very kind and patient with me during this difficult time. He was also very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had (via email or phone) very promptly. I highly recommend Thomas for any family law issues that you may have.”


“This attorney responds quickly to your legal questions and needs. He displays concern and a willingness to resolve whatever issue is presented to him. He is fair and reputable, never giving unrealistic expectations. He knows his job well.”

— Review on Findlaw.com

“I want to take a moment and thank William Scazzerro and his very efficient and knowledgeable sidekick, Aaron, for an incredible job!! Thank you for everything.”

— Ann Smith

“I have had the opportunity to use the firm of Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant for legal matters involving Real Estate. I have been extremely pleased in every instance. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any legal matter.”

— Richard Smith

“William came to my rescue in a time of need. He did so out of the kindness of his heart, and fought hard to get me the justice I deserved. He saw that I was in need and contacted me personally to offer assistance. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a diligent, caring, and respectful attorney in the Denton area. ”

— Lawyers.com

“I met for a consult with Trey Sargent regarding a contract matter and was very pleased with the advice Trey offered. It helped me see the matter clearly and feel confident about the next steps to best resolve my issue.”

— Barry Jameson

“William was my legal counsel regarding an issue with an oil and gas company. He not only demonstrated professionalism, I have never met a sharper attorney. He answered every question I had thoroughly, and when the matter was resolved, we went to closing. The day of closing he was available numerous times to take my calls and remained available all day. Based on our confidence with him, my entire family and friends have his contact information with my highest recommendation and confidence.”

— Lawyers.com

“Mr. Hines has seen me through a very long and arduous civil suit against a former business colleague. For over a year and a half, Mr. Hines has been incredibly helpful, informative and has guided me through every turn of my case with unparalleled professionalism and expertise. I would, and have, recommended him to anyone seeking legal help in a business dispute. When choosing an attorney there is no way of actually knowing how they will handle themselves when the plan meets opposition, I was lucky enough to find Mr. Hines and have absolutely no regrets.”

— Avvo.com

“Jeff (Hines) represents our association and has handled a number legal issues and defended the interests of the association well. He is well versed in property law and is thorough in his review of the applicable statues. Jeff is a good litigator and presented our case before the court well and professionally”

— Avvo.com

“Jeffrey proceeded to take all of the details/facts to form a defense that when presented to the DA they simply dropped the case. He is the real Perry Mason! ”

— Avvo.com

“Trey Sargent is an excellent attorney. Communication was excellent between him, his legal assistant, and myself. I was very impressed with his professionalism, and the ability to close my case quickly. He is very knowledgeable about Texas law. Trey became an advocate for me. If I ever need an attorney again, I would definitely chose him. I am very grateful to have found him and this firm! Highly recommended overall. ”

— Sarah Flanigan

“William 'Billy' Scazzero was a lifesaver! We had an issue with an oil/gas company regarding a recent sale of our property. He was prepared, prompt, and polite. I cannot speak highly enough of his work and advice. He's a 'straight shooter,' and, in Texas that is possibly the highest compliment bestowed upon an individual. We cannot thank him enough! We as a family have collectively decided he is going to be our attorney for anything/everything, we feel lucky to have found him through our oil and gas issue. ”

— Avvo.com

“Very good man here I highly recommend him”

— Jordan Dillon

“Top Real Estate Law firm in Denton!”

— Chris Rosprim

“By far the best group of people I have ever hired and I'm very thankful I can call them friend, they take everything they do to a personal level, highly recommend them to anyone”

— Jordan Dillon

“ Awesome attorneys. Very happy with their work.”

— Kelly Sayre

“I had a hard time finding a real estate lawyer that would answer a few simple question for me and give me 10 minutes of their time. Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP were so kind to do so and very helpful for my situation.”

— Review on Lawyer.com, Martindale.com