Whenever business dealings go awry, the courtroom may be the only place to resolve the issues.

While settling out of court is a preferable option, sometimes it is necessary to seek the counsel from an experienced business litigation attorney.

Owning and operating a business comes along with a many of perks. The business owner, with the assistance of key contributors, gets to call all the shots including establishing the most appropriate business model, mapping out the business’s policies and procedures and hiring the most qualified candidates to carry out everyday tasks. Be that as it may, being a business owner and/or a key contributor also comes with multiple challenges that can sometimes morph into legal disputes that call for litigation.

Some of the most damaging repercussions a business can endure stem from having to deal with a corporate lawsuit. In order to protect your business from financial and reputational ruin when facing a corporate lawsuit, hiring a skilled, aggressive business attorney is of the utmost importance. If you are experiencing a business dispute and need legal counsel or representation, do not hesitate to contact our business litigation attorneys today.

Inside Business Litigation

The business world encompasses a wide range of industries; each of which have their own sets of governing principles and policies. Whether small or large, businesses must operate in a manner that keeps their core constituencies happy and takes into account their bottom-line goals and legality of operations. With so many people to keep happy and matters to keep straight, it is no wonder that disputes arise among businesses, their constituencies and other entities. Some of the most common issues business litigation attorneys handle deal with disputes regarding: construction, employment, shareholder discrepancies, collections and fraud.

“Some of the most common issues business litigation attorneys handle deal with disputes regarding: construction, employment, shareholder discrepancies, collections and fraud.”

When corporate issues arise, business litigation attorneys strive to formulate strategies that allow their clients to settle their disputes or lawsuits out of court. However, sometimes the parties involved cannot agree upon settlement arrangements, which makes litigation unavoidable.

Why You Need a Business Litigation Lawyer

When a business goes to court for legal disputes, it requires the counsel and representation from skilled lawyers who take all elements of the business into account (e.g., the business’s reputation, business model, bottom line and competitive profile) when formulating a litigation strategy. At Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, L.L.P., we work hard to allow our clients to settle legal disputes out of court, but we are by no means intimidated by high-stakes litigation. Our corporate lawyers have a proven track record of analyzing complicated business cases and working closely with our clients to develop winning litigation strategies for matters including, but not limited to:

  • Business contract disputes
  • Collections
  • Fraud lawsuits
  • Unfair business practices
  • Employment disputes and litigation
  • Shareholder disputes

If you are facing any legal issues in any of the aforementioned corporate areas, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys today.

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