Eminent Domain proceedings are complex and multifaceted.

You need sound legal counsel and direction from an experienced attorney when faced with eminent domain issues.

For many people, one of the most satisfying accomplishments in life is acquiring and purchasing a parcel of land to use for whatever purpose they deem favorable or necessary. Land is one of the most precious commodities a person can obtain given the fact it can be used in a myriad of applications including personal estate development, farming, ranching, commercial expansion and many others. However, there is an implied power the government exercises from time to time that allows seizure of private property for public use. This governmental power is known as eminent domain.

At Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, L.L.P., we understand how important your property is to you and realize the whole idea of eminent domain can seem wrong or unfair. If you own property that has come under eminent domain scrutiny, you need experienced legal counsel from our eminent domain attorneys to help you navigate the complex world of eminent domain law and ensure you know your rights as a property owner in Texas.

What is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain is the power of the federal and state government to seize private land or property for public use without the property owner’s consent. People can lose their land or property at the hands of gas companies, electric companies, highway departments, water authorities and other entities.

“The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution allows the government to exercise this power only if it provides property owners with just compensation.”

There are a number of moral philosophies that question the ethicality of eminent domain, but the fact of the matter is the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution allows the government to exercise this power only if it provides property owners with just compensation. Businesses, corporations and landowners can benefit from sound legal counsel when faced with eminent domain issues.

At Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, our eminent domain attorneys are highly skilled at helping property owners receive the compensation to which they are entitled and ensuring the amount of seized property did not exceed what was required for the government’s designated civic purpose.


Eminent Domain and Just Compensation

A common inquiry that often accompanies the question,” What is eminent domain?” is “What is just compensation?” Just compensation refers to the price of a parcel of land that a buyer would pay for the property under normal circumstances. Further, it also takes into account the selling price the property owner would sell his or her land to a buyer under non-condemnation circumstances. Just compensation does not, however, account for other costs associated with eminent domain proceedings such as court, attorney and appraisal fees. To ensure your just compensation takes into account all aspects of your property’s value, you need a skilled eminent domain lawyer on your side.


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