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March 2013

Texas Covenants Not to Compete: Part 3

When a party to a Covenant Not to Compete seeks to enforce that same covenant, they have limited options. Each case is different, and the party should consult with their attorney before taking any action. Improperly addressing the issue could cost the party their rights of enforcement, potential remedies, and could even subject them to a Read More

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Texas Covenants Not to Compete: Part 2

Definitions and Enforcement of Covenants Not to Compete 1. Definitions  The law uses complex, and often times confusing terminology. This entry is designed to help the reader follow along as Covenants not to Compete are discussed more in depth over coming articles.  A “Covenant not to Compete” is an agreement not to engage in the Read More

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Texas Covenants Not to Compete: Part 1

Covenants not to Compete in an Employment Contract can be a valuable tool for Employers who are looking to protect their interests in a competitive market. They can allow Employers to freely train, and provide confidential information to Employees that would give their competitors an advantage over them should the Employee leave to join a Read More

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