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January 2015

Real Estate Options – SIMPLIFIED!

An option is a right to do something on specified terms and within a specified time period. Options typically have a set duration, and after that time the option expires and can no longer be exercised. In Texas, the most common type of real estate contract that most people will enter into is the Texas Real Estate Read More

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How to Gain Access to Landlocked Property

This post discusses the two most common methods of creating an easement where a written easement document doesn’t exist. Though written easements are fairly common, an easement can also be established without a written document. What happens when a piece of property is totally landlocked? Can you just drive across your neighbor’s land to get Read More

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Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated: What’s My Punishment Going to Be?

DWI is by far the offense more people are arrested for than any other. The question I get asked most often is, “What is my punishment going to be if I am convicted?” As with many legal questions, the answer is, “It depends.” Do you have any prior convictions for DWI, or is this your first Read More

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Common Questions and Answers From My Texas Bankruptcy Clients

In my 28 years as an attorney, these questions seem to pop up again and again regarding Texas Bankruptcy: 1. I have heard I want to file Chapter 7. Why? Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the quickest way to get a fresh start from credit card debt or medical bills while keeping your home, vehicles, personal Read More

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What You Need to Know When You Hire a DWI Attorney (in Denton or Elsewhere)

If you live in Denton and a DWI attorney becomes necessary, here are some things you should think about before choosing a lawyer to represent you. First off, we all know that driving a motor vehicle requires us to pay the utmost attention to not only what we are doing, but also to what others Read More

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What Are the Different Types of Lawyers?

In the United States, our legal system is in place to facilitate the function of a civil society. It strives to ensure citizens abide by federal and state laws as well as balance state and federal power. It comes as no surprise that the world of law is multifaceted and encompasses multiple subcategories ranging from Read More

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