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February 2015

Introduction to The Clean Water Act

This article is intended to provide a brief overview of a newly proposed EPA rule designed to clarify federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.  First, a brief history.  The law commonly known as the Clean Water Act was passed by Congress in 1972.  The Act and its subsequent amendments prohibit discharges of pollutants, dredged, Read More

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Filing for Divorce

So you want a divorce. But how does one even go about starting divorce proceedings? Who initiates it? How do you file for a divorce? The purpose of this article is to discuss most basic documents that are filed in a divorce case.  These documents are often referred to as pleadings.  In the vast majority Read More

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Forming a Business

When starting a for-profit business or charitable organization, the first legal decision you will make, whether you know it or not, will be your Choice of Entity Formation. The Entity you create will fall under certain laws and regulations at the State and Federal levels that will impact nearly every decision your Organization makes going Read More

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Plan for the Future with An Estate Attorney

To many, estate planning is an overwhelming responsibility. While it may be tempting to procrastinate drafting a will, neglecting to do so can be devastating to your loved ones. Grieving family members are burdened with stress and confusion when there is no legal document laying out the desired outcome of your estate. The process, however, Read More

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Finding the Right Custody Lawyer

Child custody proceedings are sensitive for all parties involved and should be handled delicately. While no family intends to end up in a custody battle, even the most amicable separations involving children should use the assistance of an experienced lawyer to reach a custody agreement. Finding a custody lawyer who understands your parental goals and Read More

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