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March 2015

Probate Questions in Texas

 By Byron R. Berry 1. How do I get started? Find the Last Will and Testament of the deceased.  If you have made an exhaustive search and cannot find the Will, a copy will do.  Take the document to your attorney, assuming your attorney does probate work, and decide if a probate proceeding is necessary. Read More

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Bankruptcy Exemptions

By Byron R. Berry One question that often comes up in connection with bankruptcy is “What will I get to keep?” The answer, surprisingly often, is “Everything.” But we need to look in more detail at “property exemptions” to see whether this answer likely applies to you. Most of these exemptions are by dollar amount. Read More

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Family Violence in Divorce Cases – What Are the Risks and Consequences?

This article will review: What is family violence How it impacts spousal maintenance How it impacts custody Family violence can be the basis of fault in a divorce Family violence can cause unequal division of the estate Who can apply for protective orders Family Violence Generally First, what is family violence? Family violence is an Read More

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How Adultery Affects Divorce

Cheating is devastating for a family, creating deep mistrust and making co-parenting very difficult, but the realities of the judicial system and the often lengthy divorce process have a way of minimizing the importance of infidelity.  While no court will condone adultery, one must remember that your district court judge in Texas may have just Read More

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How Do Criminal Attorneys Protect Clients?

For individuals who committed a crime, a long list of repercussions is likely to ensue that can dampen his or her reputation and future. Criminal charges can carry serious consequences including: Heavy fines License suspension Jail time When a person is arrested for a crime and faces criminal charges, it is imperative for him or Read More

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