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May 2015

If You Don’t Reserve It, You Lose It!

By Don R. White, Jr. – Attorney at Law This article discusses some unusual aspects of Real Estate Law concerning Mineral Rights. Generally speaking, in a deed, if you as the Seller do not reserve the mineral rights, then the mineral rights pass with the property to the Buyer. In the usual situation we are Read More

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How Quickly Can I Get a Divorce After Filing?

By Brian K. Tackett Generally speaking, people looking to get a divorce want the process to be over as soon as possible. After serving your spouse with divorce paperwork, there is a 60-day waiting period before the divorce can be finalized. However, very few marriages can be dissolved in this short period of time. Each Read More

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Why Does a Lawyer Cost So Much?

Why Does It Have to Cost? I know his brother, you think to yourself as you sit across from the lawyer, wondering why the retainer he just quoted you didn’t seem to include any discount. “And this retainer is no indicator of how much this may ultimately cost,” the lawyers says. What?!? MAY? ULTIMATELY? COST? Read More

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Why Choose a Board Certified Lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer for your legal matters can become a little daunting when everyone claims to be the best. However, by picking a Board Certified lawyer, you are choosing a highly esteemed and skilled professional in his or her particular field of law practice. What Does Board Certified Mean? Attorneys who are Board Certified Read More

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Seller’s Property Disclosure — It’s the Law

This post will discuss a common area of concern that arises in real estate sales and purchases — seller’s property disclosures. We will address the following questions: What disclosure is required? Why is disclosure required? What happens if I don’t disclose? Who can be liable for disclosure issues? Texas law requires that a seller of Read More

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