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July 2015

What Is One of the Biggest Mistakes a Seller of Real Estate Can Make?

By Don White, Attorney at Law I am constantly amazed that I still see disputes relating to Lease to Own Contracts. In the old days, we called them Contracts for Deed. Apparently the more modern title is Lease to Own or Lease with an Option to Purchase or some similar title. The Texas Legislature has Read More

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Planning For Out of State Visitation And Summer Break

By Brian K. Tackett, Attorney at Law The final school bell has rung, and across the country kids everywhere are starting to settle into their summer break. For kids of divorced parents, some of the fun can be taken our of summer holidays if a significant amount of travel between  parents is necessary. It is Read More

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Business Divorce in Texas

When I was young, my father told me to never get into a 50/50 ownership arrangement with your business partner. Now that I’ve grown into an attorney who sometimes deals with these businesses, I thought it might be useful to talk about some of the ways to avoid a 50/50 situation or some considerations that Read More

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What Does a Civil Lawyer Do?

By Don R. White, Attorney at Law A civil lawyer practices in the field of civil law, which may consist of corporate, family, business, real estate, probate or personal injury law. The cases a civil lawyer deals with all generally regard disagreements between two parties. When a disagreement can’t be settled between the two parties, Read More

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The Four Cs of an Uncontested Divorce

By Brian K. Tackett, Attorney at Law Many people who start the divorce process believe that their divorce is uncontested. For some, that’s true, but not for all. From a divorce attorney’s perspective, an uncontested divorce eliminates the attorney from the negotiation process. That attorney may be involved in advising the client during the negotiations, Read More

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Divorce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By Brian K. Tackett, Attorney at Law Read to find your most commonly asked questions regarding divorce. Divorce FAQ. 1. What is collaborative law? Collaborative law is a procedure in which the parties and their counsel agree in writing to use their best efforts and make a good-faith attempt to resolve their case on an Read More

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So You’re Starting Your Own Business. Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

By Byron R. Berry, Attorney at Law Starting a new business is exciting, daunting and full of the unknown. For these reasons, it is absolutely necessary to use the expertise of a lawyer in order to safely begin your business journey. What to Look for in a Business Lawyer When Starting Your Own Business First Read More

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