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October 2015

When the Dog Bites

This phrase from The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” will bring you no comfort when the local Animal Control Officer comes knocking at your door, demanding you turn over your pet for quarantine because your furry companion bit someone. You may be surprised to know what little recourse one has in order to free Read More

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Selecting a Family Lawyer: Old School Vs. New School

When I started practicing law 17 years ago, most attorneys had websites, but the internet was a secondary means for finding a lawyer. At that time, the old school method for finding an attorney was to get a referral. The new school way, though really not new at the time, was to break open the Read More

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Five Criminal Defense Facts You Must Know

Being charged with a crime following an arrest can bring about some serious repercussions. In addition to dealing with the stress of court proceedings, you could face hefty fines, a marred reputation, license suspension, imprisonment and other consequences. Your best bet is to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following your arrest. Read More

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Five Common Business Law Mistakes

Starting a business can be an exciting-yet-scary venture in life. There are so many different factors to consider during the start-up process that go beyond simply picking out the perfect name, office space, equipment and amenities. With a multitude of loose ends to tie up, decisions to make and documents to sign, it’s not unheard Read More

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Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) is a federal statute generally designed to protect workers who are unorganized or who lack bargaining power. The protections afforded individuals by the FLSA extend only to “employees.” The question whether one falls under the definition of employee is usually readily apparent. Most workers who are not Read More

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Common Law Marriage in Texas Probate Courts

Several times over the years, I have probated estates in which the “significant other” to the decedent came forth stating that she (for some reason, every time I had a case like this the deceased was a man) was the common law wife of the decedent and that she, therefore, had a right to half Read More

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Who Gets the Engagement Ring?

The Murky Waters of Failed Engagements An engagement is an exciting time in a soon-to-be-married couple’s life. The proposal’s been nailed down, both parties are in agreement and the prospect of happily ever after makes the time that much more special. However, sometimes things come to an end before they officially begin, as is the Read More

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“Letters”: How to Get Letters of Testamentary

I often get frustrated clients that come to me with a story that goes something like this: “My father died and I am his only child. He has a bank account and a stock brokerage account. His Will leaves everything to me and I even gave the financial institutions a copy, but they won’t turnover Read More

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