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December 2015

Divorce: Does It Matter Who Files First?

One of the most common questions I’m asked in divorce consultations is, “Does it matter who files first?” I was looking at a popular website where people can ask attorneys questions, and this question was asked. Four lawyers responded to the question. Much to my surprise, three out of four responded by stating that it Read More

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What Is Construction Law?

Everyone knows a lawyer is a person who practices law, one who (at the very least) provides legal counsel and representation to his or her clients. What you may not know is there are many different areas of law in which a lawyer can specialize, from family and civil law to municipal and real estate Read More

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What You Should Know About Identity Theft

Technological advancements in today’s society have changed nearly every aspect of everyday life. From communicating with loved ones to shopping for goods and services, all you need seems to only be a click or swipe away. Despite all the good that comes from the convenience of technology and online abilities, it’s easier now than ever Read More

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Stages of Condemnation in Texas

Condemnation in Texas (i.e., Eminent Domain) is a process whereby a State or other entity with the power of Eminent Domain may take all or a part of your property for adequate consideration. The process has three stages. The first stage is informal. In this stage, you are usually contacted by a landman or by Read More

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Procedure, the Sword and Shield

“I’m done with this! I just want to sue him,” the client says over the phone, “I’m just done.” I reply that we can get everything underway for the litigation, but that it takes time. People who feel that they have been wronged are interested in justice for themselves. There is an understandable frustration, and Read More

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