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March 2016

Weird Laws in America: Part One

The American legal system serves as a framework that oversees how our society functions. It takes into account the freedoms and ideologies of the nation at large and involves the creation and enforcement of various laws meant to keep our citizens safe. Be that as it may, our legal system also comprises various laws that Read More

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Grand Jury – Texas Style

The Grand Jury in American and Texas jurisprudence is a very old institution that has at its core the duty to hear, investigate, and vote on whether to True-Bill or No-Bill any felony level offense that is referred to it for consideration. Most people do not know how it works or just what a Grand Read More

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Can I Get an Annulment in Texas Instead of a Divorce?

Let’s discuss the conditions for an annulment in Texas. We are 45 years removed from the Mad Men era when divorce carried a stigma. At the time, a divorced person was viewed with suspicion and was not to be trusted. A divorced person was somehow considered morally bankrupt. Nowadays, the stigma of divorce is not Read More

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Child Possession Schedules

One of the first questions all parents have when starting the divorce process is “When will I get to see my kids?” In Texas, child possession and visitation can take many shapes and forms depending on a variety of factors. These factors will all be taken into account through the lens which the judges must Read More

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Eight Common Legal Mistakes Business Owners Make

Nothing conveys the American Dream much more than owning your own business. To some, there’s nothing better than having the ability to call your own shots and be the head of a company or organization. However, it’s highly important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row from a legal standpoint to Read More

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