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April 2016

What are the Spousal Rights to Property After Death?

Here are the facts of the situation.  Husband and wife are each on their second marriage and they purchase a home together. Husband dies and leaves a will leaving everything to his grown kids – who by the way don’t like his second wife. The second wife is very nervous about her situation and has a Read More

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Am I a Target for a Lawsuit?

A common question clients ask after being sued is, “What could I have done differently to have avoided a lawsuit?” At the outset of a lawsuit, a careful plaintiff will consider the answer to three questions: Can I prove the Defendant is liable? – Simply put, was the Defendant in the wrong? It could be Read More

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Lien on Me? Materialmen’s and Mechanic’s and Texas Property Code § 53.160.

How do you challenge lien claims against your property? Disputes can arise as to the payment for, or performance of services on your home with a contractor. One of the constitutional remedies that a contractor has is to file a lien against your property, claiming you owe them money. If someone has filed a lien Read More

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Koch v. Boxicon, LLC – Dallas Court of Appeals

Koch v. Boxicon, LLC Dallas Court of Appeals, No. 05-14-01424-CV (March 30, 2016) Justices Fillmore, Myers, and Whitehill While Koch was finishing chiropractic school, he met Lindemuth, Boxicon’s general manager—an encounter both now likely regret. After Lindemuth had personally advanced several thousand dollars for Koch’s mortgage and living expenses, a Boxicon affiliate leased Koch space Read More

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Child Possession and Visitation – The 50/50 Possession Schedule

When most people think of parents having split custody of a child, they think of the standard possession order. That’s when one parent has the child the majority of the time and the other parent has the child every other weekend. There has been a trend developing among legislators, psychologists, and in some courts to Read More

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