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May 2016

Texas Clean Air Act

In BCCA Appeal Group, Inc. v. The City of Houston, the Texas Supreme Court sided with an industry challenge to a Houston ordinance regulating air quality within its corporate limits. In 1967, the Texas legislature enacted the Texas Clean Air Act. The Act empowered the predecessor agency of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Read More

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Child Support with 50/50 Child Possession Schedules

In North Texas, there has been a growing trend towards awarding parents 50/50 possession schedules of their children (as opposed to the Standard Possession Order or a variation of it). The theory behind it is that children should have frequent and continuing contact with both parents. Not all judges award 50/50. Some do and some Read More

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Texas City Annexation Procedures

Rapid population growth and aggressive annexation policies by Texas cities have extended municipal boundaries into areas that were once predominantly rural and dominated by agricultural land uses. In an effort to curb the ability of cities to annex legitimate farming operations and burden those uses with municipal regulations the Texas legislature in 2007 enacted House Read More

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