Party Directed Mediation With PDM the entire case can be settled in less time, for less money than it traditionally takes to resolve issues.

What is Party-directed mediation?

Party-directed mediation or PDM is an approach to mediation that seeks to empower each party in a dispute, enabling each party to have more direct influence on the resolution of a conflict. PDM includes two very important elements: 1. one or more joint sessions in which the parties both meet with the mediator, and 2. one or more individual sessions in which each party meets individually with the mediator.

There are four goals associated with PDM:

  1. To gather all of the information needed for the parties to evaluate their options.
  2. To explore all of the options available to the parties and evaluate to consequences of each option.
  3. To assist the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement of their divorce.

Benefits of PDM

  • Children – Protects children from emotional harm of divorce
  • Results – Ability to reach an agreement that give you the best result possible
  • Control – Gives parties control over the process, the cost, and the result from the divorce
  • Creativity – Allows the parties creativity in finding solutions
  • Solutions – Provides solutions the parties may not be able to see on their own
  • Safety – Allows parties to feel safe while working through the divorce
  • Security – Allows parties to be as financially secure as possible once an agreement is reached
  • Expense – Much less expensive than divorce litigation

Problems with Traditional Divorce Litigation

  • Financial cost – litigation is extremely expensive
  • Emotional cost – litigation is extremely stressful
  • Time cost – litigation can take years to complete
  • Court’s Docket – the amount of time litigants get with the court is limited
  • Cookie Cutter Solutions – Courts are limited by the law and their own policies regardless of the needs of the parties

All divorcing couples have a unique set of circumstances and issues. Litigation is an inflexible process that does not give consideration to the parties involved and excludes the parties from the process. The result is an inefficient system in terms of time, cost, and results.

Undoubtedly, a handful of issues like this will arise in litigation. With PDM the entire case can be settled in less time, for less money than it takes to resolve this one issue.


Almost every court will require parties to attend mediation before trial. Why not attend mediation at the beginning of the case? The cost will be lower. It will take less time to resolve the divorce. And the results will be better.


Set up a consultation for you and your spouse. The initial consultation is free. You will meet with Brian Tackett who is board certified in family law and has an advanced certification in family law mediation. He will discuss how the process works and why it works so well.

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