Family Violence Family violence cases are highly sensitive matters for all parties involved.

Being charged with family violence is a serious offense in Texas that calls for expert representation.

Family ties are some of the closest bonds people have with one another. This is not to say that everything is always bright and shiny 100% of the time, for it is a given: family members fight with each other sometimes. The occasional bickering session within the family is to be expected, but more serious issues occur when arguments become so heated that they escalate and morph into cases of family violence.

Family violence is a criminal offense that can have long-lasting repercussions for the members involved. Cases involving violence among family members are complex and involve multiple elements that the court must take into account. If you have been charged with family violence, you need a highly experienced family lawyer from Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, L.L.P. who knows exactly how to handle these complicated cases.


A Closer Look At Family Violence

Also known as “domestic abuse,” “battery,” “spousal abuse,” “intimate partner violence” and “dating violence,” family violence can be defined as the abuse or misconduct a person inflicts on against someone with whom he or she has a familial or intimate relationship.

“Family violence often results in physical harm and/or injury, which puts victims in a state of fear or distress.”

Family violence often results in physical harm and/or injury, which puts victims in a state of fear or distress with regard to their physical and emotional well being. In addition to physical violence, family violence can also include verbal, sexual and emotional abuse; harassment; threats; and stalking. To ensure your rights are protected when facing family violence charges, you will need an aggressivefamily attorney who is well versed in family violence litigation.

Why You Need a Family Violence Attorney

Cases of family violence are politically charged situations family attorneys must handle with care. There are various public interest groups that keep a watchful eye on the manner in which judges and criminal defense attorneys deal with cases of domestic violence. This being the case, most District Attorneys’ offices follow no-drop policies when it comes to family violence, which means they will not dismiss a case once a victim files it. Even if the victim decides he or she no longer wishes to prosecute the alleged abuser, the prosecutor will still pursue the case and seek criminal punishment against the abuser. When evaluating family violence cases, prosecutors take the following elements into account:

  • The severity of the victim’s assault and/or injuries.
  • The alleged abuser’s history of criminal activity.
  • Whether the victim wants to seek prosecution against the alleged abuser.
  • The case’s ease of proof.


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Even with legal counsel and representation from a family violence lawyer, these cases are punishable in Texas as follows:

Offense ConfinementFine
First OffenseUp to One YearMaximum of $4,000
Second Offense or MoreBetween Two and 10 YearsMaximum of $10,000
Aggravated Assault (Family Member Victim)Between Two and 20 YearsMaximum of $10,000
Murder (Family Member Victim)Between Five and 99 Years of LifeMaximum of $10,000
Capital Murder (Family Member Victim)Life (or the Death Penalty)

If you wish to alter the outcome of your case in your favor, seek the professional guidance and representation from one of Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant’s family violence attorneys early in the legal process.

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