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Not Guilty – Assault Family Violence

A common question for criminal defense attorneys is, “How can you represent someone that you know is guilty?” My answer is this: It’s easy to represent a guilty person. There is no pressure at all. Ninety-nine percent of the guilty persons will be punished. It’s just a question of what the appropriate punishment is. My job mainly relates to humanization and mitigation.

Now representing an …innocent man (or woman) is hard. There is no more pressured-filled situation that have a man put his life and liberty in your hands. In my jury trial today, my client was a Texas State Trooper, who’s soon to be ex-wife trumped up an assault family violence charge in course of a separation and divorce. She told two other people that she would have his job if it’s the last thing she does. His job was in jeopardy. His peace officer’s license was in jeopardy. His liberty was on the line. His rights to his baby girl were on the line. That’s pressure, and that is reason enough to feel good about the job I do. I’ll sleep well tonight.

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