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Texas Business Litigation Attorneys Resolve Contentious Disputes

Reputable trial lawyers handle commercial litigation for clients in Denton, Gainesville, and Flower Mound

If you engage in business, conflicts are bound to arise sooner or later. Whether it’s an internal dispute between partners, a breach of contract by an outside party, or a commercial dispute with a vendor, you need capable assistance from an experienced business litigation attorney. At Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP, we have extensive experience with a wide range of business litigation issues. We understand the importance of delivering timely, cost-effective solutions, so you can get back to business. We also appreciate the importance of preserving business relationships for the future whenever possible. For these reasons, we conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism as we work tirelessly to protect your interests and deliver the results you need.

Capable counselors assist with business disputes and commercial litigation

Most disputes that arise in the course of doing business can be resolved through pointed discussion, because it is in everyone’s best interest to find a solution that allows business to continue. Unfortunately, there are certain controversies that can grind operations to a halt and even threaten the solvency of your company. To prevent small problems from escalating and limit the damage of larger problems, you should immediately seek advice from a knowledgeable business litigation attorney. Our team has successfully managed a wide array of business disputes, including:

  • Partnership disputes — Disagreements between partners about the direction of a company can raise the question about the long-term viability of the partnership. If a partnership is to be dissolved, who owns company assets? What’s to become of the company’s intellectual property? If the company’s to remain intact, is it possible to buy out a separating partner, and for how much? Our litigators have experience in all these matters, including buy-sell agreements and financed buyouts.
  • Business torts — No company can tolerate deliberate, wrongful acts that interfere with their business relationships. Our attorneys are adept at managing cases of unfair competition, tortious interference, trade secret theft, fraudulent misrepresentation, restraint of trade, trade libel and commercial disparagement.
  • Oil and gas fraud — In the economy of the greater Houston area, the oil and gas industry is preeminent. However, many companies live on the margins because of the inherent risk and high overhead. Fraud against a company — related to leases, royalties, misrepresentation of mineral volumes, or other actions — can sound a death knell. Our team aggressively protects clients against these potentially ruinous scams.
  • Breach of contract — When a breach of contract occurs, our goal is to protect our client’s interests. If you are the victim of a breach, we seek a solution that preserves the value of the planned project or transaction and mitigates damages. Often, we can move forward in a timely manner with a negotiated remedy. If you are entitled to compensation or liquidated damages, we fight to enforce those rights. If you are accused of a breach, we take decisive steps to minimize your company’s financial losses as well as damage to your business’s reputation.

As with all types of civil litigation, we  often rely on mediation or arbitration to achieve satisfactory results without the expense and delay of a trial. However, when a civil lawsuit is necessary to protect our client’s rights, we meticulously prepare and then vigorously pursue the best possible results.

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Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP represents business clients throughout the greater Houston area in business and commercial litigation. Call us at 940-230-2386 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. For your convenience, we have four offices, located in Denton, Flower Mound, and Gainesville.

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  • "From my first meeting with Mr. Berry and his staff, I was immediately relieved. The bankruptcy process was explained to me simply and objectively and I was made to feel at ease through the entire ordeal. I was especially impressed by his helpful and knowledgeable assistant, Jackie Cox. I would hope to be able to retain Byron Berry for any future needs." - Anonymous

  • "Great Firm with Great Lawyers! It was a great pleasure working with William and his team." - Collin R. Geis

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