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In today’s society, family relationships are more varied and complex than ever. Though we share every family’s goal of building a safe, supportive environment for their loved ones, we also know conflicts occur that threaten household peace. When you need wise counsel to settle family disputes and other issues, it is important to find an attorney who takes the time to understand your unique family situation and guide you accordingly. At Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP, we are Texas family law attorneys committed to providing exceptional representation in matters involving divorce, child custody arrangements and other domestic matters. With offices in Denton, Flower Mound, and Gainesville, our firm has the ability and dedication to help you find a lasting solution.

Accomplished family lawyers deliver comprehensive counsel

Family law proceedings are often highly emotional and call for the utmost professionalism from your legal counsel. In all of these matters, we maintain the highest ethical standards and deliver honest representation mixed with sensitivity and compassion. Attorney Brian Tackett is certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He and the rest of our family law team ensure that clients going through a divorce understand their options, such as:

  • Contested and uncontested dissolutions — If spouses disagree on divorce terms, our attorneys emphasize a strategy that lessens resentment and hostility and focuses on creative problem-solving, goal-setting for the future and preserving dignity. We strive to provide civil, amicable experiences when dealing with family law matters, but it is important to note that we can also be aggressive litigators if the case calls for such action.
  • High-net-worth divorces — Couples who share extensive assets face special challenges when their marriage ends. Our firm has the background and network of experts to assess the true value of complex assets such as business shares and retirement accounts. Whenever possible, we strive to settle these matters without incurring significant litigation costs.
  • Mediation — Often, mediation is the best way to resolve disagreements over issues such as property division, alimony and child custody. A neutral third party often helps to reduce emotional conflict while saving couples a great deal of time and expense.

We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. It is crucial to determine what outcome is most important for them but also to know what is important to the other party or attorney. This approach will help us find unique ways to accomplish our client’s goals while conceding as little as possible.

Skillful advocates pursue fair child custody, visitation and support terms

Referred to as “conservatorship” under Texas law, child custody arrangements are the most important part of a divorce when the couple has a child under the age of 18. Usually, joint managing conservatorships are appropriate solutions that give each parent a legal stake in the decisions that concern their son or daughter. However, if special circumstances exist, we’ll seek terms that create the best possible environment for your child. This includes setting detailed ground rules relating to access and possession (known as “visitation” in other jurisdictions), so a young person maintains frequent, meaningful contact with both parents. Our firm also handles child support matters, including actions to establish, modify and enforce orders that set payment rates for noncustodial parents.

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Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP advises North Texas clients on divorces, custody arrangements and other family law issues. Call us at 940-230-2386 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We have four North Texas offices, located in Denton, Flower Mound, and Gainesville.

  • "Absolute best in the business hands down! Don White is absolutely amazing wouldn’t ever consider using anyone else, we highly recommend this firm!" - Alyssa McKissaack

  • "The best! Richard has been my family’s attorney for 35 years. Integrity best describes Richard Hayes." - John Grafa

  • "From my first meeting with Mr. Berry and his staff, I was immediately relieved. The bankruptcy process was explained to me simply and objectively and I was made to feel at ease through the entire ordeal. I was especially impressed by his helpful and knowledgeable assistant, Jackie Cox. I would hope to be able to retain Byron Berry for any future needs." - Anonymous

  • "Great Firm with Great Lawyers! It was a great pleasure working with William and his team." - Collin R. Geis

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