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The Impact and Effects of Divorce on Children — How The Unintended Consequences of Divorce Can Affect Those We Love

When a couple dissolves their marriage, they often don’t fully grasp how the divorce affects their children. Children, regardless of age, are significantly affected when their parents are going through a divorce. Often, during a divorce, the effects on children can be just as drastic as they are on the parents, and often even more Read More

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Order of Nondisclosure — You May Be Able to Seal Your Record for a DWI

The legislature has recently amended the Texas Government Code to permit the sealing, under certain conditions, of your criminal record for a driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrest and conviction with an order of nondisclosure — Texas put this law into effect September 1, 2017. An order of nondisclosure (by Texas law) is sent by the Read More

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City of Krum, Texas, Petitioner v. Taylor Rice, Respondent

On December 15, 2017, the Texas Supreme Court handed down its opinion in City of Krum, Texas, Petitioner v. Taylor Rice, Respondent. Our Firm represents the City of Krum, which had passed a city ordinance prohibiting Registered Sex Offenders who had committed violations of the Penal Code involving minors under the age of sixteen years from Read More

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Arrested for DWI — Your First Offense

If you do a quick Google search for “DWI first offense,” “DWI arrest,” or “DWI attorney,” you will be flooded by high-pressure ads that make huge promises about the toughest defenses by attorneys who seem confident they can deliver a complete acquittal, no matter the circumstances or evidence. You’re likely to hear strongly implied guarantees Read More

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Hiding Assets During a Divorce — Do You Think Your Spouse Might Be Hiding Money or Debt?

Divorce is a very stressful process under the most ideal circumstances, and the pressure and fear gets so much worse if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets — in divorce negotiations, this issue often comes up. Divorces are mentally, emotionally, and often physically draining, even when the divorce is amicable. For many people, divorces Read More

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Why You Need to Hire a Board Certified Lawyer — Texas Definition and Importance of Certification

A Board Certified lawyer, in Texas, is an attorney who has joined the most elite ranks of attorneys in the State. Board Certified lawyers earn the right to publicly represent themselves as a specialist in a select area of the law. In fact, they are the only attorneys allowed by the State Bar of Texas Read More

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Boundary Disputes in Texas

Not many people expect to find themselves in a boundary dispute, but in Texas, they are actually quite common. Imagine this fairly typical situation: Your neighbors got a large dog, a mastiff or a pit bull, and was responsible enough to realize they need a substantial fence around their yard to keep the dog from Read More

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A Guide to Child Support in Texas

A Guide to Child Support in Texas Child Support is money that one parent pays to the other parent to help support his or her child. In the majority of cases, one parent will have the child the majority of the time. In those cases, the parent who has the child the lesser amount of Read More

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DWI – Driving While Intoxicated in Texas

DWI – Driving While Intoxicated The DWI definition (Driving While Intoxicated) in Texas is when a person drives or operates a motor vehicle in a public place, while intoxicated. Any driver who has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or greater, or who has lost the normal use of one’s mental or physical faculties Read More

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Social Media and Divorce — The Impact on Family Law Cases

Let’s discuss social media and divorce, and how what you post online can affect the outcome of family law cases in Texas. In today’s society, communication and self-expression have become increasingly simple thanks to the widespread use of social media. With various forms of social media and electronic messaging becoming a fixture in the daily Read More

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