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Eight Essential Tips for Filing for Bankruptcy

Prepare for Your Financial Fresh Start Bankruptcy is oftentimes viewed to be the result of frivolous spending and being financially irresponsible. While this is sometimes the case, the truth of the matter is that filing for bankruptcy is simply a legal means of reorganizing or purging debts in order to bring about a fresh financial Read More

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Common Law Marriage in Texas Probate Courts

Several times over the years, I have probated estates in which the “significant other” to the decedent came forth stating that she (for some reason, every time I had a case like this the deceased was a man) was the common law wife of the decedent and that she, therefore, had a right to half Read More

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Bankruptcy Exemptions

By Byron R. Berry One question that often comes up in connection with bankruptcy is “What will I get to keep?” The answer, surprisingly often, is “Everything.” But we need to look in more detail at “property exemptions” to see whether this answer likely applies to you. Most of these exemptions are by dollar amount. Read More

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What Are the Different Types of Lawyers?

In the United States, our legal system is in place to facilitate the function of a civil society. It strives to ensure citizens abide by federal and state laws as well as balance state and federal power. It comes as no surprise that the world of law is multifaceted and encompasses multiple subcategories ranging from Read More

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How to Choose a Lawyer

Choosing Your Attorney Attorneys are the people you call when you need a problem solved. Law firms vary greatly and it is important to find the attorney best equipped to resolve your issues efficiently and effectively. Here are some factors to consider when wondering how to choose a lawyer: Experience in the Practice Area Many Read More

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  • "The best! Richard has been my family’s attorney for 35 years. Integrity best describes Richard Hayes." - John Grafa

  • "From my first meeting with Mr. Berry and his staff, I was immediately relieved. The bankruptcy process was explained to me simply and objectively and I was made to feel at ease through the entire ordeal. I would hope to be able to retain Byron Berry for any future needs." - Anonymous

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