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What Are the Different Types of Lawyers?

In the United States, our legal system is in place to facilitate the function of a civil society. It strives to ensure citizens abide by federal and state laws as well as balance state and federal power. It comes as no surprise that the world of law is multifaceted and encompasses multiple subcategories ranging from civil law to criminal law that all have their own sets of protocols, policies, procedures and other special considerations. This being the case, there are different types of lawyers who provide legal counsel and representation in their specific fields of law that help our legal system function properly and in accordance to state and federal Constitutions.

Different Types of Lawyers

Different areas of law have their own sets legal processes that require special expertise from different types of lawyers. To give you an idea about the different types of lawyers who are out there, we have devised the following list of attorney types.

  • Autism Lawyer – People who live with autism have certain needs and possess special rights that must be upheld. An autism lawyer ensures these rights are protected and know how to handle any violation in rights.
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer – Whenever a person is not able to pay his or her debts, he or she may file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer advocates on the filers behalf to prove to the court that he or she is indeed incapable of paying debts with current income.
  • Business Bankruptcy Lawyer – A business bankruptcy lawyer works on behalf of both public and private companies and organizations to settle disputes between the business entities and their constituents.
  • Construction Lawyer – This type of lawyer works with construction builders and helps them obtain the appropriate permits for a building.
  • Corporate Lawyer – It is a corporate lawyer’s job to ensure that all a corporation’s contracts and transactions are carried out in accordance to federal and state laws.
  • Estate Planning Lawyer – This type of lawyer helps you ensure your assets are distributed the way you want after death.
  • Family Lawyer – Family lawyers are proficient in all things related to family law and handle cases related to divorce, spousal support and child custody matters.
  • Municipal Lawyer – Municipal lawyers assist city and county governments with various matters pertaining to local government and government contracts laws.
  • Oil & Gas Lawyer – Oil and gas lawyers deal with disputes related to multiple matters ranging from surface rights and drilling permits to agreement disputes and environmental issues.
  • Real Estate Lawyer – Real estate law encompasses matters related to the government’s power of eminent domain and the process of real estate condemnation. This type of lawyer ensures property owners’ rights are protected in real estate cases.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the specific types of lawyers, but it gives you an idea about the many facets of law and why we need different types of lawyers in today’s society.

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