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The Impact and Effects of Divorce on Children — How The Unintended Consequences of Divorce Can Affect Those We Love

When a couple dissolves their marriage, they often don’t fully grasp how the divorce affects their children. Children, regardless of age, are significantly affected when their parents are going through a divorce. Often, during a divorce, the effects on children can be just as drastic as they are on the parents, and often even more Read More

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Social Media and Divorce — The Impact on Family Law Cases

Let’s discuss social media and divorce, and how what you post online can affect the outcome of family law cases in Texas. In today’s society, communication and self-expression have become increasingly simple thanks to the widespread use of social media. With various forms of social media and electronic messaging becoming a fixture in the daily Read More

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Moving Out of the Marital Home During a Divorce

The Marital Home — Should You Stay or Should You Go? Your marital home is often a place of comfort and refuge, a place where memories have been made, a thing with which you are emotionally connected. So, when a couple decides that a divorce is necessary, it is often extremely difficult to determine whether Read More

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The Costs of Divorce: Time and Money

There are two questions that are almost always asked by a potential client during an initial consult for divorce: “How long will the entirety of the divorce process take?” and “How much will this cost me in the end?”. Answering these questions can be challenging for an attorney as attorneys can never truly be certain Read More

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A Better Understanding of Custody Designations

When discussing family law matters with individuals outside of the legal field, it is not uncommon to hear people incorrectly describe the types of custody designations. Reasonably so, as the definitions of the various types of custody designations or “conservators” (a person who has some rights or obligations with respect to a child) are somewhat Read More

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