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The Impact and Effects of Divorce on Children — How The Unintended Consequences of Divorce Can Affect Those We Love

When a couple dissolves their marriage, they often don’t fully grasp how the divorce affects their children.

Children, regardless of age, are significantly affected when their parents are going through a divorce.

Often, during a divorce, the effects on children can be just as drastic as they are on the parents, and often even more severe, as the children no longer have the household stability that they could once depend on — their routine and living situation, once familiar, may be drastically altered.

How the Judge Can Lessen the Impact of Divorce on Children

Although Texas judges are guided by the principle that decisions pertaining to family law matters should be based on the best interests of the child, parents are often not able to think so clearly.

When making decisions throughout the divorce process, parents often times fail to consider how the divorce affects the children.

To their credit, judges routinely do their very best to minimize any negative effects that a divorce may have on the children of the parties.

There are some tools the judge has at his or her disposal that could lessen the impact of the divorce on the children involved by limiting their exposure to the specifics. Those methods include the following:

  • Forbidding both sides from speaking about the divorce to their children
  • Allowing parents the discretion to deny a request for the judge to speak to the children

While a judge’s attempts to limit any potentially harsh effects that a divorce may have on the children involved go a long way toward ensuring a child’s interests are protected, ultimately the parents must act in a manner that is beneficial for the child.

A “Win-at-Any-Cost” Divorce — The Effects On Children Can Be Drastic

Far too often, parties to a divorce behave as if the proceeding is a zero-sum game and will make decisions with intended animosity towards their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

It is well-known that divorces can oftentimes become ugly affairs, especially when one party decides they want to “stick it” to their spouse — they try to be sure the other parent has their parental rights and time with their children severely limited.

When the parties are so committed to making the other side “pay,” the negatives of this legal tactic often vastly outweigh any perceived positives.

Of course, if there have been misdeeds during the marital relationship that truly warrant limiting or altering a parent’s relationship with a child, a spouse should certainly take advantage of all available options afforded to them in the law.

Too often, however, after typical marital discord, a client will instruct their attorney to make things difficult for their spouse by filing needless motions, requesting unnecessary psychological evaluations, and making requests for supervised visitation.

Divorce and the Effects on Children — All Parties Need to Take Responsibility

Ultimately, it is up to the parties to the litigation, the spouses/parents, to make responsible decisions and to consider the potential harm to the children before the court.

While judges routinely uphold their duty to make rulings that ensure the protection of children’s interest, parents must be level-headed throughout the pendency of a divorce and avoid using the divorce as a means to get even with a spouse — in a divorce, the effects on children can be severe and permanent.

Minimize the Negative Impact of Divorce on Children — Get Expert Legal Guidance Early

If you are considering getting a divorce, or believe your spouse may file for divorce in the near future, consider contacting our experienced divorce lawyers for counsel or representation.

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Getting experienced counsel early can make a difference in how severely your divorce affects your children.

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