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Planning For Out of State Visitation And Summer Break

By Brian K. Tackett, Attorney at Law

The final school bell has rung, and across the country kids everywhere are starting to settle into their summer break. For kids of divorced parents, some of the fun can be taken our of summer holidays if a significant amount of travel between  parents is necessary. It is not uncommon for parents to live in different states after a divorce, and when that happens certain obstacles must be overcome in order for your children  to enjoy their time with each parent. One step that should be taken to ensure out of state visitation, and in particular summer break, goes smoothly is to include provisions in your divorce decree that address drop off and pick up locations as well as identify which weeks over summer the kids will be with what parent. Having a plan in place helps everyone stay on target, and can help keep away the summertime blues.

Other tips for having an enjoyable and hassle free summer break with your kids include:

  • Plan visits around when extended family will also be present
  • If one parent has primary custody, consider allowing the non-custodial parent to have this right during the summer
  • Remain flexible when possible, always remembering that in the future you too may need your ex to bend their schedule a bit to fit yours
  • Allow children to communicate with the other parent during times of extended summer visitation stays
  • Send a favorite stuffed animal, or blanket with your child so they feel at home
  • Avoid trying to plan vacations that “outdo” your ex, and instead allow your children to have input on how their time is spent

It is also good to have a backup plan in case your ex has to cancel or reschedule a summer trip. We all get disappointed when plans are changed or cancelled, and children are no exception. However, as an adult, you are better equipped to cope with the situation. Having an alternate plan in place will help your kids adjust to an already changing family dynamic. When making plans though, be sure to abide by the terms of your divorce decree. This may include making financial arrangements for travel, or picking a spot to meet half way. Depending on your circumstances and the facts of your case, there might also be a need to make sure each party knows the rules regarding overnight visits by a new romantic interest, or the geographic limitations of vacation travel. We can help make sure your bases are covered when going through divorce, so you can enjoy your time afterwards without wondering which party bears which responsibility. Our team of qualified family law attorneys has experience in nearly every imaginable possibility, and is here to help you make sure your plan works.

We tailor our approach to the specific facts of your case. Through performance of a thorough investigation of your needs and circumstances, we make sure you understand your options before proceeding. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment so we can help you reach workable solutions.

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