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Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

While everybody hopes for always and forever when they say, “I do,” sometimes things just do not work out as planned. Whenever divorce is inevitable and you are thinking about hiring a divorce attorney, it is important to find the right one for your case. This may take some time and homework, but don’t settle for just any divorce attorney because not all lawyers are the same. This being the case, we have come up with a list of seven questions to ask a divorce attorney before hiring him or her.

Seven Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

From division of assets and spousal support arrangements to child custody agreements, there are a lot of elements that go into a divorce. Therefore, you need to be prepared with questions to ask a divorce attorney you’re thinking about hiring. Some of these questions should include:

  1. How long have you practiced law? This is the first inquiry on our list of questions to ask a divorce attorney because experience is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when hiring a lawyer. A lawyer fresh out of law school may be able to help with your divorce, but, on the other hand, perhaps a seasoned veteran would be more appropriate. It just depends on your case.
  2. Can you provide a general overview of what’s involved in a divorce case? This is one of the most important questions to ask a divorce attorney because divorce is a facet of family law that calls for special considerations. A good divorce attorney is well versed in family law matters and has vast knowledge of multiple aspects of divorce ranging from specific state divorce laws and financial requirements to asset division and child custody protocols.
  3. Are you Board Certified in family law? While this isn’t necessarily a vital inquiry on our list of questions to ask a divorce attorney, it’s still a good question to ask. Board Certified family lawyers have achieved one of the most distinguished accomplishments in their field of law. Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant is proud to have a Board Certified family lawyer practicing at our firm.
  4. Have you worked on divorce cases similar to mine before? Do not be afraid to ask a prospective divorce attorney this question. If he or she does not have a lot of experience handling divorce cases, ask if he or she knows of an associate who can help you. If you don’t feel comfortable with the answer, it may be time to look for another divorce attorney.
  5. What would your approach be with regard to handling my divorce? We have included this query on our list of questions to ask a divorce attorney because some divorce cases should be handled with less-aggressive tactics than other cases. In fact, some divorce attorneys will even suggest employing other methods that don’t call for litigation.
  6. Are there any alternative methods of handling my divorce? We’ve included this on our list of questions to ask a divorce attorney because divorce arrangements can oftentimes be made out of court, which is almost always more cost-effective than litigation. Such methods include arbitration and mediation.
  7. How will you communicate with me? It is wise to ask a prospective divorce attorney this question because it is vital for you to stay abreast of how your case is progressing; communication is key. Also, find out how you can contact him or her if there is an emergency.

While it is well rounded, our list of questions to ask a divorce attorney is not comprehensive. You will probably think of additional questions in your quest to find the right divorce attorney for your case, so be sure to ask them. Further, if you’re interested in reaching out to Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant’s expert divorce attorneys, we can help you here.

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