Domestic violence cases are highly sensitive matters that require the utmost care.

If you are faced with violent charges, you need the experienced legal counsel from the domestic violence lawyers at our firm.

Families are made up of different types of people. Even though family members love and have a familial or intimate bond with each other, the fact remains that arguments and occasional disagreements are unavoidable. Sometimes emotions and tempers get the best of certain family members, which prompts them to engage in heated verbal and/or physical altercations with one or numerous family members.  These heated altercations often lead to domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious offense in the state of Texas and can have serious, long-lasting consequences. These cases can be complex and emotionally charged due to the relationships and feelings of the parties involved. If you are charged with this kind of violence, seeking professional legal counsel from a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney from the beginning is essential.

A Closer Look into Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the abuse and/or misconduct a person inflicts on someone else with whom he or she has an intimate relationship. An intimate relationship involves connection with another person or people via marriage, dating, cohabitation or familial ties.

“Domestic violence is multifaceted and encompasses more than just physical violence.”

Domestic violence is multifaceted and encompasses more than just physical violence. Aside from physical violence, it can include verbal, sexual and even economic abuse. Further, domestic violence can involve harassment, making threatening remarks and stalking. This type of violence among closely related individuals is also known as “spousal abuse,” “battering,” “family violence,” “dating abuse” and “intimate partner violence.” These cases can be complicated to navigate, which makes consultation with a domestic violence attorney invaluable.


Why You Need A Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a criminal offense that brings about far-reaching and severe consequences that can ruin reputations, go on criminal records and dissolve the right to own or possess firearms. Regardless of if the parties involved reconcile, prosecutors often continue to pursue criminal charges against the alleged abuser. District attorneys have no-drop policies when it comes to domestic violence cases, which means once victims file cases with their offices, they must proceed with litigation – even if the victims choose to drop the charges. Situations such as these call for comprehensive representation from skilled domestic violence lawyers like those at Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, L.L.P.

Even with legal counsel and representation from an experienced lawyer, these cases are punishable in Texas as follows:


Offense Confinement Fine
First Offense Up to One Year Maximum of $4,000
Second Offense or More Between Two and 10 Years Maximum of $10,000
Aggravated Assault (Family Member Victim) Between Two and 20 Years Maximum of $10,000
Murder (Family Member Victim) Between Five and 99 Years of Life Maximum of $10,000
Capital Murder (Family Member Victim) Life (or the Death Penalty)


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