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So You’re Starting Your Own Business. Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

By Byron R. Berry, Attorney at Law

Starting a new business is exciting, daunting and full of the unknown. For these reasons, it is absolutely necessary to use the expertise of a lawyer in order to safely begin your business journey.

What to Look for in a Business Lawyer When Starting Your Own Business

First and foremost, it’s important to find a lawyer who clicks with you and your business goals. This individual should be trustworthy, easy for you to get along with and competent. His or her experience should be evident, not only in law but also in your particular branch of business. If he or she cannot speak the language of your business, it is probably not a good fit. Finally, your lawyer should be invested in your success and communicate his or her costs and procedures clearly and accurately. There shouldn’t be surprise charges and you should always feel informed.

Why Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

While having the advice of a lawyer is always encouraged, there are several situations that demand the knowledge and experience of a seasoned business lawyer. To stay within the restraints of the law, avoid unnecessary tax liabilities and to ensure you are paying your taxes correctly, a lawyer should be by your side to ensure your safety in regards to the government. Similarly, a lawyer should be involved right away to establish the rights and expectations of each individual going in on the business together in order to avoid conflict down the road regarding contract disagreements or confusion. Finally, it is important to ensure you are protected when it comes to your interaction with the public, your customers or clients, suppliers and employees.

How Involved Should Your Business Lawyer Be?

It isn’t necessary to use a business lawyer for each step you take regarding your business. However, it is crucial to involve your lawyer when you:

  • First form your business
  • Hire any new employees
  • Negotiate contracts

While you don’t need your lawyer to guide you at all times, it is always in your best interest to consult your business lawyer to discover the right direction to go in.

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