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Weird Laws in America: Part One

The American legal system serves as a framework that oversees how our society functions. It takes into account the freedoms and ideologies of the nation at large and involves the creation and enforcement of various laws meant to keep our citizens safe. Be that as it may, our legal system also comprises various laws that leave us scratching our heads. In fact, each state in America has its own set of laws that are, well, a bit weird. In this first of three posts, we present to you two weird laws from each state in the union.

Weird Laws in Alabama

  • A person cannot wear a fake mustache in a church and cause people to laugh.
  • It is illegal to pretend to be a member of the clergy.

Weird Laws in Alaska

  • In Fairbanks, it’s illegal to give a moose alcoholic beverages.
  • It’s illegal to wake a sleeping bear to take a picture of it—yes, that includes selfies.

Weird Laws in Arizona

  • Hunting camels in Arizona is illegal.
  • It is illegal to refuse to give another person some water to drink—if you’re able to supply it and you’re asked, that is.

Weird Laws in Arkansas

  • It’s illegal to to mispronounce the name of the state—so be sure to not say “Are-Can-Sis” anywhere near law enforcement.
  • In Little Rock, a person cannot bring a cow down Main St. on foot after 1:00 in the afternoon on Sundays.

Weird Laws in California

  • It is never legal to allow a dog to chase a bear or bobcat—which is good for the dog, even if it knows it or not.
  • In the city of Burlingame, it is illegal to spit anywhere in public, except on the baseball field.

Weird Laws in Colorado

  • It is illegal to destroy or maim a rock within any state park.
  • You won’t break any laws by ripping the tags off mattresses or pillows, so rip away.

Weird Laws in Connecticut

  • It’s against the law to ride your bike over 65 miles per hour.
  • In the city of Meriden, it is illegal to use a bean whistle in public.

Weird Laws in Delaware

  • It’s illegal to show rated “R” movies at the drive-in.
  • It is unlawful to change clothes in your vehicle in the city of Rehoboth Beach.

Weird Laws in Florida

  • (In some cases) it’s illegal for a doctor to ask patients if they own a gun.
  • Corrupting public morals is considered to be a misdemeanor offense.

Weird Laws in Georgia

  • In Athens-Clarke County, adult bookstores cannot engage in the sale of alcohol.
  • It is unlawful for Georgia citizens to advocate any private lottery.

Weird Laws in Hawaii

  • In Hawaii, billboards (i.e., outdoor advertising) are strictly prohibited.
  • It’s illegal for a person to have more than one alcoholic beverage in front of him or her at once.

Weird Laws in Idaho

  • In Boise, it is illegal to go fishing from the back of a giraffe.
  • In the city of Eagle, it’s illegal to sweep dirt from your home into the street.

Weird Laws in Illinois

  • It’s perfectly lawful for people under the age of 21 to drink alcohol—only if they’re enrolled in a cooking class or some other type of culinary program.
  • In Chicago, it’s illegal to fly a kite within city limits.

Weird Laws in Indiana

  • It’s unlawful for servers to bring alcoholic beverages into bars and restaurants.
  • It is a Class B misdemeanor to sniff glue.

Weird Laws in Iowa

  • One-armed piano players in Iowa cannot accept payment for their performances.
  • In Cedar Rapids, palm-reading is prohibited within city limits.

Weird Laws in Kansas

  • Shooting a rabbit from a motorboat is considered illegal.
  • In Overland Park, it’s illegal to picket or protest a funeral.

Weird Laws in Kentucky

  • Fishing with a bow and arrow in Kentucky is illegal.
  • Dying a duckling blue and trying to sell it is illegal—unless you have at least seven blue-dyed ducklings for sale at once. This applies to chicks, other baby fowl and rabbits.

Interested in other weird laws in the United States? Stay tuned for Parts Two and Three!

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