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What Does a Civil Lawyer Do?

By Don R. White, Attorney at Law

A civil lawyer practices in the field of civil law, which may consist of corporate, family, business, real estate, probate or personal injury law. The cases a civil lawyer deals with all generally regard disagreements between two parties. When a disagreement can’t be settled between the two parties, the conflict is often brought to civil law. A civil lawyer essentially acts for his or her clients on all legal accounts and provides guidance to the plaintiff concerning civil dealings.

What Is Civil Law?

Any legal case that is not associated with criminal acts is typically considered civil law. From property possession to a dispute over a contract agreement, civil lawyers become involved in order to reach mutually agreeable solutions to an often complicated, personal situation.

Do Civil Law Cases Usually Go to Court?

Ideally, people are able to settle conflicts outside of court with a civil litigation case. And often, people can settle lawsuits out of court at any time during a civil litigation case. Yet, when out-of-court settlement just does not pan out, having a proficient civil lawyer is particularly imperative.

What Is the Civil Litigation Process?

The civil litigation process involves multiple stages and can take quite some time to get from the preliminary proceedings to settlement. From a broad standpoint, civil litigation has seven stages:

  1. Investigation
  2. Pleadings
  3. Discovery
  4. Pre-trial
  5. Trial
  6. Settlement
  7. Appeal

The most lengthy and arduous portion of the civil litigation process is the discovery stage when the parties collect relevant information and carry out research to heighten their position in the case.

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